Message from the President

Greetings and thank you for visiting our website!

I am the president of Calamba Shin-Ei Industry Philippines Corporation, Akihiro Suzuki.

CSIPC is a corporation that has been producing the best quality EMS products from plastic injection and press machines in the Philippines since 2003 with the best facilities in the nation.

We, executive and staff members, endeavor our best to comply with rapidly-changing environment of the Philippines market and the demands of our customers with the best and the fastest manner.

I promise that we, CSIPC, will always be ready to step forward to the extent that all our customers be satisfied with the quality and price of our products.

I’d like to thank all the valued customers for all the endless interest and support for CSIPC.

CSIPC President

Akihiro Suzuki

CSIPC Contacts

We want to hear from you 24/7 and be able to respond to your concerns soonest possible. Below is our contact details for your reference. 


Block 6 Lot 2 Calamba Premiere International Park

Batino, Calamba City, 

Laguna, Philippines 

Telephone Number


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